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Coronado’s Zip Code / Date = Huge Celebration for Coronado Residents…

92118 Day is a celebration of all things Coronado that will take place on September 21st, 2018.  It’s also the zip code for Coronado!  Entry to the event is free and is intended for the residents of Coronado.  See the schedule of events and activities here.

This year, in 2018, 92118 is not just the zip code for Coronado, CA, but a “special 9-21-18 date” for locals to gather and celebrate our community – a truly once in a lifetime event.

So, save the date and stay tuned for more updates.  Learn more. 

Zip Code History & Did You Know…

The acronym ZIP stands for Zone Improvement Plan.  The USPS started using two-digit area codes in 1943 to designate postal zones in larger cities.  On July 1st, 1963, five-digit codes were introduced nationwide – including 92118 for Coronado.  Therefore, no celebration took place in 1918 in Coronado.  However, here are some notable events roughly 100 years ago in Coronado:

  • 1917:  Fed Gov Takes Control of 1,232 Acres of North Island (Condemnation Act), Pays John Spreckels $5M in Settlement
  • 1918:  Influenza Kills Estimated 50M Worldwide, Roughly 500,000 in United States
  • 1918:  World War I Ends at 11th Hour of 11th Day of 11th Month:  Nov. 11th, 1918
  • 1918:  Coronado Purchases First “Pump” Fire Engine for $8,700 (Firemen Pay Raised to $49 Annually)
  • 1919:  Coronado Ordinance Created Office of City Manager
  • 1919-1933:  18th Amendment Ratified  (Prohibition)


  • Photo Credit: Amanda Rimmer Photography